Monday, March 15, 2010


I have an embarrassing story for you.

Monday night I was able to get out of my 2 hour class 1 hour early. I was able to do this because I stood up and left an hour early. I just couldn't take it anymore. Whitney came to pick me up in the car. So, naturally when I walked out the doors and saw her, I started dancing. Like the can-can and did the silly dance like with your arms moving across your chest. Basically just acting like an idiot. Well I thought there was no one behind me.... I thought wrong.

A sexy, and I mean sexy, man who was like 28 with facial hair and dark curly hair and he was like 6'3'' was like, "wow, is that dance for her?' as he said pointing to Whitney in the car. I was so embarrassed and started laughing and was like, "uh haha yeah." Then instead of him just leaving it alone he said, "Was there something good that happened that made you wanna dance?" And I said, "well yes you fine piece of artwork class let out an hour early." Okay I didn't call him a fine piece of artwork, but I thought it. And then with his perfect teeth and his gorgeous tan face just said, "well that is something to dance about."

Oh boy.