Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yesterday the Spanish teacher at school called in sick. How appropriate for the Spanish teacher to get the swine flu. No one at the school speaks Spanish, because it is full of white, suburban, Mormon moms. I am the closest thing they have to a Spanish speaker, so, the principal relieved me of all of my obligations for the day and they threw me in as the Spanish teacher..... oh my heavens. I felt like Jack Black in School of Rock. Hello, just because you have to take 4 years in high school doesn't mean you learn anything! I ditched half of the time and when I did make it to class for the other half of the time I was watching my friend make Top Ramen on his portable stove in the middle of my teacher's lesson (he was a strange kid). Anyways, I am just saying, I do not know Spanish.

You all would have been so proud of me, I walked in the classrooms and all the teachers that know me on campus where like "I didn't know you spoke Spanish?" I wasn't about to look like an idiot, so I decided to act all smooth and was all, "oh yeah, I used to live in Mexico, I know enough Spanish to get by." I left out the fact that in my world, getting by is knowing how to order tortilla soup without onions (sin cebolla), and saying the hi how are you crap you learn from Dora the Explorer. Anyways, my nightmare came true when I was teaching the second graders...... THERE WAS A GIRL FROM MEXICO CITY. That's right, she was straight up from Mexico. Yikes. Ask me if I just wanted to shrivel up and die. I had been faking it well for 3 class periods, but oh boy I didn't think I could do it in front of the real deal. After class she was like "you're Spanish accent is muy bien."Hahaha it was a compliment from a second grader, but shoot, I'll take it.

Needless to say I survived the day, and made friends with all the kiddies in school. I love teaching my regular classes. My students rock. Everyone loves Miss Kaley! Adios.

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  1. hahahaha're a brave soul that now has a freakishly hilarious story to tell!!! :)