Monday, November 9, 2009


Today I did some of the following:

~tied at least 14 kids shoelaces that had come undone.

~taught a lesson about ratios and percentages that i didn't even understand, and the whole time i was teaching i was praying the kids didn't ask me questions about it.

~sang the November gobble gobble song (hand motions and dance included).

~played soccer with 3rd grade boys at their recess....they were impressed.

~sent six graders to the principals office because they kept throwing sand at each other.... idiots!

~read the best book of my childhood with the coolest kid ever! read the Watsons go to Birmingham if you can. it is perfecto.

~made an adorable paper turkey, and on the paper feathers kindergarteners and i wrote things that we were grateful for. one girl was sure to write cookie dough and another boy was grateful for his glasses.... such cuties.

~and best of all.... heard this hilarious conversation between 2 5th graders.

boy #1: "i am an angel."
boy #2: "yeah right!"
boy #1: "i am." "see my halo?"
boy #2: "yes, and do you want to know what is holding that halo up?"
boy #1: "what?"
boy #2: "two little devil horns!"

Yes, I love my job.

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