Sunday, November 29, 2009


we love it's a small world.

the glorious beach.

my family is perfect.

My family and I went on our yearly vacation to California. It was, as usual, perfect, and I never wanted to leave. The beach is the most wonderful place on earth, and I love Disneyland. We had some adventures that I would like to inform you about.
1. I found out that Kelsey wants to name her daughter Olive and her son Oliver. And if she has a second son his name will be Sebastian. Goo! They will hate her.
2. I get free stuff from women all over the place. Girls, I need girl-crush business cards. I swear. My mom and my sisters and I went to the O.C. swap meet (classy) and I got free stuff just because they liked me... earrings, bread, etc. I should just become a lezzie bezzie and get it over with.
3. Kelsey believes that the blankets she used were "activated" by her body heat and that is why she got so freaking hot in the night. Loco.
4. We watched an episode of celebrity Jeopardy and I discovered that I answered all of the questions right. They were made for 4th graders. I hate celebrity Jeopardy and so does my family. Also Judge Judy never ceases to amaze us. We adore her.
5.Whitney was talking on the phone in Costco as we were buying food for the week and she was like "I don't know where I am." An evesdropping stranger said in a really gruff voice, "You're in Carlsbad!!!!!" Yikes. Whitney also eats pickles and chips and salsa, and thats about it. She missed those things while in Italia.
6. Costco sells the bomb molasses cookies. Hot damn! Pick them up.
7.My Nana, for some reason unknown, thinks that if someone looks nice, they are Mormon. So she will just ask the cash register guy "are you Mormon?" clear out of the blue, and the usual response is "GOD NO!!!!" Gotta love it.
8. We had to sleep on a pull-out in the living room (my back is in some bad shape) and Charley, my baby sis, refused to sleep there because she said that the shadows in the kitchen at night looked like "King Kong." She was terrified.
9. I love taking long walks for hours on the beach. It is my goal in life to own a beach house. Also, the best musician to listen to while on the beach is Mason Jennings. He is my new favorite singer.
10. I watched the mirror has 2 faces, and funny girl. It would have been complete if Yentil had been played. Babs never fails me.
11. The best thing to do at Disneyland is to people watch. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER. The winner of best person I saw was a fat Asian kid (probably 9 yrs old) at Disneyland and he was eating pork rinds. Hahaha he made my day.
12. Sunrises are better than sunsets. The people out for sunrises are the ones who really care.
13. Saying goodbye to the beach is even more tragic than knowing I will never get to marry Denzel Washington.
14. Tan lines are real.
15. Wish you were there.


  1. Sounds like a great vacation! Love the pics. The best is #11. That one had me laughing out loud! "A fat Asian kid...eating pork rinds." Classic!

  2. I love people watching at DLAND. One time I was there we were waiting for a parade and there was this 5 or 6 year-old boy on a bench close to me and his mom had just prepared a hotdog for him to eat. He had it nestled between both hands about to take a bite when Chip and Dale made their way over to him. He immediately began screaming in horror and his mom attempted to shoo them away. That little boy say their screaming/crying as he squished the life out of his hotdog.