Thursday, January 28, 2010


I thought you might want to hear from a few of the characters I have in my psychology 343 class. My soft spoken teacher went around the room and made us say our names and some interesting fact about us. Psych kids (including myself) are a little weird. I wrote down what some of these kids were saying because their interesting facts were priceless.

Nate: "I really don't know I got here, because for about 8 years all I did was grow my hair out long so I looked like Sonic the hedgehog and played the guitar in my parents basement for like 3 hours a day."

Katrina: "I'm an irish dancer, but don't ask me to do a demonstration, because I have an injury." LIAR.

Sara: A girl who seems hyperactive just by the way she looks. I don't know how else to describe her. "I can speak 300 words a minute." Of course she can.

John: "Hi my name is John." Then my teachers says, "It says here that your preferred name is HE-MAN." Well, yeah if I can get away with it. I would be preferred to be called that, it is my dream to be called He-man and you asked what my preferred name was, so yeah." My teacher was very intrigued by his request and we are going to make his dream come true by calling him He-man for the rest of the semester. I like this boy.

Christie: "I can hyper-extend my arm to a 17 degree angle." She demonstrated and I almost threw up.

Jonathan: My teacher says, "under preferred name you wrote Jonathan but your records have you as Johnny." And in a crazy frustrated and loud voice he says, "I KNOW! I have ran across that problem in all of my classes. I AM SICK OF JOHNNY. It is so little boyish. I am trying to switch over to Jonathan, but I don't know how it is going to work out for me." Ummm... we are all a bit scared of him.

Dice-k: He is from Japan and has a really thick accent, but he can speak and understand everyone perfectly. And he said "My roommate says that I brush my teeth like Samuri." The whole class died laughing. My teacher asked him how, and the kid said "my speed!" Classic.

Me: I said that I only believe in 4 day weeks and that I have ditched almost every Friday of school since the 7th grade. My school district allowed as many absences as we wanted as long as we have a signed note from home stating we were ill. I was home "sick" every Friday and my teachers loved me for it.

And that my friends, is stuff that is too funny to be made up. I think I will enjoy that class. BE HAPPY!


  1. Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard in the middle of my class! Totally made my day! Wish I had more weird kids in my classes! hehe

  2. K, just found your blog somehow... and I remember all those kids saying that!
    Do you remember also when the teacher handed out some activity to demonstrate ADHD, and it had gibberish on it? We all took turns reading bits of it, and one looked like Japanese. Who happened to take the turn of reading the japanese, but Dice-k? AHAHHA. Everyone laughed really hard.

    i miss that class!