Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, my time in Las Vegas has swiftly ended. I am officially living in snowy Provo again. And not only am I living in Provo again, but my sister chose a completely different apartment for us to live in, so everything and everyone around us is new. Don't misunderstand me either. I said everything is new, notice how I left out the word exciting. Still, there are perks to our new apartment, for instance, I live across the street from my favorite place to eat. It is called Thai Ruby, and it is swell. I just love it. Our new roommate is from Korea. She is nice. The downside is that I can't pronounce her name or remember it, because it seems as if she says it so fast every time I ask what it is. I couldn't keep asking her what her name was, so I had to stoop and try to be all spy-like and be like "do you have a facebook? We should be friends." I hate facebook and only asked to be friends so I would be able to see her name and learn how to say it. Lame. Our apartment was what we like to call filthy when we moved in, but the perk is that our landlord was actually honest and gave us a few dollars off our next rent payment for the gross mess we walked in to. AWESOME. I'll take the thick balls of hair in the sink that look like they came from a panther and the 5 month old grease spills of vinegar and tea, as long as we get a discount on February's rent. I'm so easy to please it is crazy. Whitney and I found a new obsession with the dollar theater. Although now it costs $1.50 to get into a movie. Yes, I was outraged. Not because I can't afford the 50 extra cents, but just because of the principle of it all. I felt like Christian Bale in Newsies when they raise the price of papes because the big dogs treat the little dogs as dispensable. When I asked why it costs 50 cents more to get into a "dollar theater" they told me that it was actually a discount theater. Uh what? That is news to me! Abuse of power much!? My resolve about this injustice quickly faded away when I realized that my options were to a). leave with my $1.50 and stick it to the man or b). go back to my freezing apartment and do nothing for 2 hours. I am now $1.50 poorer. But the movie we saw was great (500 days of summer). Whitney and I also have a new found love for the D.I. It is FREE ENTERTAINMENT!!!! From the books they sell, the creepy troll dolls that are donated, luggage with broken handles, wedding dresses from the 80's, shirts that my dead granny wouldn't have even worn, and of course the classy people shopping there. I'm telling you, go to a local D.I. or Salvation Army for fun, it doesn't disappoint. And sometimes you can even find treasures there that you want to purchase. Well, that has been my week in a nutshell. Let the madness of school begin.

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