Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Just as a disclaimer... this was written in bitterness. This story happened in a bitter moment in time. Rich people have treated me poorly this past week. Read on....

Yesterday there was one of those tours on campus, you know the ones I'm talking about. The ones where rich parents and their star athlete offspring get special treatment and ride around in the golf cart on campus and get a tour.

I just dropped off Kelsey from visiting me. So there I am minding my own business walking on campus sad and lonely and hot, and the mom in the golf cart says, "pull over, I want to talk to that girl." Meaning me. Ugh.... rich people. Why God why? How can I describe this woman? She was wearing a big hat and a Nordstrom outfit, full on evening gown make-up, pearls, clutch, was too skinny for her age, to wrinkle-less for her age etc you get the picture. So there I am, and no I'm not in the happiest mood I'll admit it. Conversation goes as follows:

RICH SNOB: Hey GIRL (first mistake), you look nice (second mistake), can I ask you a question (third mistake)?
ME: Um, my name is Kaley, what do you need to know?
RICH SNOB: Well, excuse me KYLIE, but I was just wondering if you like it here?
ME: Like it where?
RICH SNOB: At BYU. I mean we can afford to put him anywhere, why should he go here? Yes, she said this.
ME: Did you just ask me advice on where your kid should attend college?
RICH SNOB: Well yes.
ME: So I just turned to the son and said "Do you like Mormons around you every second of the day, do you like everything in your town closing at 6 pm, do you like a dress code where if you go a day without shaving you are given a citation, do you like being seen as a burden on society if you aren't married by age 22, do you like living in a town where the city hang out is the corner 7-11, do you like living in a town in the winter where the sun never shines and it is cold enough to grow icicles on your dress coded beard?"
ME: Then I'm off.
RICH SNOB: Well, you are very rude.
ME: Yeah, you have terrible discernment. I guess I'm not nice. Bye GIRL.

Best part about it was that even in my bad mood I was able to pull a philosphical Socrates and Plato on him and solve this kid's problems just by asking questions. Hurray for Greek thinkers like good ol' Soc and me.

FYI: Just because your rich doesn't mean everyone is your hired help. Spread the word. Help someone get off their high horse today.


  1. you are perfection. thanks for the laugh.

  2. Kaley, my question for you is, "Was the boy cute?" You know...she could be your future mother-in-law. HA

  3. Good grief, Kaley. You've got more chutzpah in your little finger than I have in my entire body.