Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So I promised that the next time I blogged it would be about something dandy. I fear too many people think I am either 1. scary or 2. depressed. So, let me pull a Julie Andrews on myself and tell you a few of my favorite things.

~gospel ~family ~my pals ~people watching ~surprises ~temples ~people who give firm handshakes ~wit~playing cards with my family for FHE ~the beach ~art~ salt & pepper hair ~learning new things about Ben Franklin~dreaming about becoming a spy ~roses ~Raj ~men's soccer~good parents ~my orthodontist ~fresh fruit ~smile lines ~elopements~the golden girls ~fishermen ~perfume ~super nintendo~scarves ~ thinking about people getting dressed... um before you judge, think about it. it makes me laugh so hard. ~splash mountain ~people who don't bore me's word of the day ~inappropriate jokes ~movies that make me cry ~folding towels (love it) ~old photos ~people who blow kisses and/or wink and manage not to freak me out (that's talent, and i like it if you can pull it off) ~serious men ~pineapple juice ~air conditioning (great) ~french and italian~hand written letters ~phone calls that are short and sweet~making people laugh ~people who stand up for what is right... people with backbones get 2 thumbs up from me.~Emerson ~eating lunch with my teachers ~keeping secrets ~being awake for sunrise ~the hits i sing in the shower ~handmade jewelry ~homemade gifts ~men who can hug you just right (no thanks to sissy girl hugs) ~movies ~sincere comments ~generosity ~nature ~lockets ~80's hair ~maleficent ~bon fires, and then not having to camp outside afterwards ~french fries ~anyone who can do mental math is such a winner to me ~inside jokes ~people that get attached to their pens ~my favorite sweatshirt ~being trusted ~card tricks ~simple lifestyles and complex minds ~rivers ~the front seat of the car ~first aid kits (awesome) ~people with kind hearts ~good story tellers ~sleeping in the park~happiness etc

Okay there you go. Tons of things that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. And that list could go on and on forever. I love life. I am neither scary (unless you abuse your kids in front of me) or depressed (unless the sun isn't shining). I also keep my promises, and I promise from here on out that no more boring blogs like this shall ever be posted again.


  1. *Sigh* This list feels so incomplete to me without Bears and Denzel...
    That's alright, I still enjoyed it. :]